The Company

Tarimak is one of the leading agricultural equipment manufacturers of Turkey and specialised on dairy farming and irrigation equipment.

Tarimak increased his capacity continously since the foundation of the company in  1981.

Bereket milking machines, milking systems and BRK milking equipment are used in more than 40 countries worldwide by dedicated and quality-conscious professional dairy farmers

Tarımak follows the requirements of the dairy industry closely and takes the  necessary  steps  in developing or outsourcing the cutting edge technology in milking equipment. Offering the new technologies to our dairy farmers with affordable prices and professional technical support is our priority from the first day of our company.

Improving the quality of equipment and services is a daily task in Tarımak. The quality and reliability of Bereket milking equipment is the natural outcome of our close co-operation and exchange of invaluable experiences of our farmers, dealers and suppliers all around the world.

Professional installation, preventive maintenance and timely technical services are carried out by Bereket technicians 365 days and 24 hours to ensure long years of use of the Bereket milking equipment by our farmers.

Tarimak manufacturing  facility and headquarters is located in Bursa- Turkey. Sales, servicing and spare parts supplies of our dairy farming solutions are carried out by our dealers in Turkey and in more than 40 countries globally.