Dairy Farming Solutions

Dairy farming is a key sector in today’s challenging food production environment. Regardless of geographical location, housing, herd size and feeding method, all dairy farms have a undelayable routine in common, which is actually a year-round harvest; milking….

The final product of dairy farm, milk is a perishable product by its nature and requires professional care in its journey from farm to table.

As the quality of the dairy product is only as good of the raw milk it is produced, there are good reasons for taking the milking process, hence the milking equipment seriously.

Quality milking equipment in a dairy farm is  one of the few critical investments that will directly effect the health and productivity of the dairy herd and quality and of the milk produced, which is the main income of the farm.

Choosing the right milking machine is only the beginning in attaining a perfect milking routine, along with milking hygiene, trained milker and suitable environment. The routine servicing by professional technicians and spare parts replacement schedule is also crucial in keeping the milking machine in optimum performance 365 days a year in every single milking.

Tarimak offers modern and high quality Bereket milking systems which suit the different needs of dairy farms in various scales all around globe.