• Tarımak
    A milking system designed and
    installed according to
    international norms is the
    key for producing clean and
    healthy milk…
  • Tarımak
    The milking parlor is the heart
    of dairy farm. You will feel
    the difference of working with
    Bereket during planning,
    construction, installation
    and many years of use in your
    milking center project.
  • Tarımak
    Tarimak offers modern and high
    quality Bereket milking parlors
    which suit the different needs
    of dairy farms in various scales
    around globe.
  • Tarımak
    Bereket milking equipment is
    manufactured with up-to date
    technology in order to guarantee
    the same precise performance
    years after years in the milking
  • Tarımak
    Bereket milking systems are
    designed according to ISO norms
    to ensure a safe and comfortable
    working environment for milkers.
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